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"How You Can Completely Eliminate The Hard Work Of Making Money Online By Using Easy To Set-Up STREAMING VIDEO SITES!”



Instant Video Site creator ™ is an easy to use automated Money Making Video Site Generator. With this fully template driven system, you can instantly build a search engine friendly video website with unique content, using streaming videos, Adsense™ and affiliate links, that you can use to make money completely on auto-pilot, even if you have no experience!

Streaming video web site generator

You Can Easily Build a Content-Rich Video Web Site and Automatically Transform It Into Secret Passive Income With Unlimited Potential!

This video web site generator will create hundreds of fresh, unique, content-rich streaming video web pages from highly-targeted keyword lists. Have you ever heard that "Content is King"? That's only half of it... "FRESH and UNIQUE Content with Streaming VIDEO is EMPEROR” !!!


Get Ready! The New Generation Of Video Web Sites Will Rule The Internet – And Are Secretly Being Used By Top Marketers Who Are Quietly Making Fortunes!



Instant Video Site Creator will bring 4 major money makers together: Youtube, Google Adsense, ClickBank and Amazon.

Make money with streaming video for web site

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Tap Into The Huge Success of Google Adsense, Clickbank and Amazon to Take Your Site To The Next Level.

We are in the world of growing popularity of online videos and dominance of YouTube™, Google™ Video, Myspace™ Video and other multi-media projects. YouTube alone attracted more than nine million unique viewers last month and Google Video scored around 6 million. Instant Video Site Creator will be a step forward towards utilizing this new technology to easily create and monetize video websites.

  • Create a website with extremely targeted streaming video content.
  • Insert money making Clickbank products, Amazon and Google™ AdSense ads.
  • Fully automated template driven system.
  • Create SEO friendly video pages with unique keyword rich content.
By integrating Google Adsense™, Clickbank™, and Amazon™ into each video page, our tool will maximize your click-through rates. You can add up to 100 video embedded pages to your site based upon the keywords of your choice. With Instant Video Site Creator, creating a streaming video site is an easy process.  

Sample Video Websites Created with Instant Video Site Creator.

Example: 1  Banana Recipe Video Site

(Sample websites created with IVSC)


Streaming Video Site sample Sample site created with video site generator



Screen-Shot of a Sample Video Site


As shown in the above example, you can create any number of money making video websites with Instant Video Site Creator. Join us today and start creating your own streaming video websites for your chance to make automatic, passive income on the Internet.

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Everyone wants to make money with Google Adsense. With our system, making Google Adsense money is an easy task. And, Amazon and Clickbank products are an affiliate marketer's dream come true! Instant Video Site Creator will bring your affiliate links to life with the help of integrated streaming videos. Use our video site builder system and you can easily make your dreams of making money online into reality.




Example: 2  Bonsai Video Site

(Sample websites)

streaming video for web site streaming video for web site

Streaming videos + affiliate marketing = Money in the Bank

You can imagine the time and efforts to create such video sites manually with 75 videos. It’s not easy to find suitable affiliate products from the Clickbank marketplace and Amazon, for each and every video website. Instant Video Site Creator will do all this work for you!


What a Powerful, Website Content Builder.

Your Instant Video Site Creator is a stroke of pure genius. I just got it this morning, and I’m already constructing informative, video content-rich websites.  The ease at which a person can generate sites with interesting, on-topic video content and monetizing (again on-topic) components is truly amazing. I have been developing hundreds of websites from my Domain Nesteggs portal over the last couple of years, but none of my websites has that certain “zing” which is possible with Instant Video Site Creator. All I can say is a big Thank You!

All the best!

Ted Stalets


1) No installation is necessary.
2) No programming experience is needed.
3) Fully template driven video website creator.
4) Creates unique content for good search engine ranking.
5) Creates easy to promote video website.
6) Provides build-in FTP program.
7) Save bandwidth all videos hosted on youtube and other video hosting sites.

Here is another website created with the Instant Video Site Creator

Example: 3   Acne Cure Tips Video Site

(Sample video site created with Instant Video Site Creator)

streaming video for web site streaming video for web site

Creating a streaming video site is a 5 step easy process with Instant Video Site Creator. You can add up to 100 video embedded pages to your site based upon a keyword of your choice.

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Example: 4   Kitchen Diary - Streaming Video Site

streaming video for web site streaming video for web site


7 Features of Instant Video Site Creator That Make It Easy For Anyone To Have a Money-Making Streaming Video Site, Even If They Have No Experience Whatsoever!

1) No installation is necessary.

Instant Video Site Creator is a web-based application. Just login to the members area and start using it. You can create any number of sites from the members area and download the files instantly onto your computer, or upload it straight to your website from the control panel. No more worries about installation and setup, or complicated CGI, PHP, MYSQL, HtAccess, Mod-Rewrite or similar kind of stuff.

2) No programming experience is needed.

You can start a new project by entering a keyword. Then select related videos and Clickbank products from a list, enter your Adsense ID, Amazon affiliate ID, website address etc. on a form. The system is that simple. A video tutorial has been included in the members area showing how to get started immediately.

3) Fully template driven video website creator

You can select any of the 7 different templates (themes) from a drop-down list to use for your website. The custom template option will help you to use your own custom template to create websites.

4) Creates unique content for good search engine ranking

You will be able to add your own reviews or content for each of the selected videos and Clickbank items. The content will be shuffled to create unique pages, and random links between different pages will be inserted in a different sequence on each page. These features make your content unique, and a duplicate content penalty will never be an issue.

5) Creates an easy to promote video website

The system will automatically create a sitemap and RSS feed for your video website instantly. This will help you to promote your site better. By submitting the RSS feed, you can boost the indexing process many times over.

6) Provides build-in FTP program (BETA)


This FTP utility will upload the created video website onto your webhost instantly. Just fill-out a form and press the button. Your website will be launched immediately. You can start promoting it within the next minute.

7) No worries over server traffic jam.

Videos take up more disk space. Since the videos on your website are hosted on Youtube- like sites, you don't have to worry about server bandwidth. By pasting the embed code they provide, your visitors will be able to view the videos without leaving your site. But high bandwidth will not be a burden on your website at all.


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I just became a member today and within the first half hour I have created my first video site.  I found it really easy to use and will soon have many more sites up and running.  I have bought two other video site makers from other sellers and I found them hard to follow. The beauty of this system is that a complete newbie could have a video site within minutes.

Thanks very much for a fantastic easy to use system.

Habby Dhillon


Instant Video Site Creator™ Generated Websites

Will Make You Money in 3 Different Ways:


  • Up to 75% commission from ClickBank product sales,

  • Income from Amazon affiliate product sales

  • Money from clicks on Adsense Ads

Recent studies are clearly showing that video sites get way more CTRs on Adsense Ads, when compared to traditional text only websites. This could be due to people spending more time watching the videos, giving them a good chance to view your money making ads.


Unlimited Access to the Members' Area
No Additional Charges For Upgrades – EVER!


You can always access the latest version of Instant Video Site Creator from the members' area.  No installation, no extra charge for new versions.


Only 5 Easy Steps to Creating Your Own Video Websites:-


streaming video for website


You can instantly download your created website files onto your computer in zipped format. You can upload the unzipped website files yourself, or use our built-in FTP utility to upload the files onto your website.  Everything will be done from your password protected control panel..


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